10 November 2015


HERE WE GO.....!!!
Welcome to GaliciaMoura Trading Co. blog.

This is my baby, this is my dream... let me grow  this dream with you as satisfied customer. Because if you are satisfied with GaliciaMoura Trading Co.services, this is my best direct marketing .

 GaliciaMoura Trading Co is able to facilitate the sucessful business relation between you and any Galician company, Industry or Organitation.

After a long career in the international trade business, joining a young  processing company of frozen fish, as a relevant responsible part of sales and quality departaments, and afterwards, working as C.E.O in some subsidiary companies from abroud taking the challenge to settle down in Galicia, GaliciaMoura trading Co. pops up as a new concept of International Trading Company. Professional, ready to be your eyes and your mouth in any kind of situation you may need to deal with any kind of business in Galicia, region located on the Northwest of Spain.

If you are searching for a good supplier of any kind of product or service produced 100 % in Galicia region, keeping high standards of quality, any kind of delicatessen, industrial raw materials, handcrafts, musical instruments, personalized touristic services,  properties, etc...GaliciaMoura Trading Co. is able to establish the contact between you and the best professional option in order to satisfied your demands with high quality products and better service.

When you are contact GaliciaMoura Trading Co. you must be aware that you are not just getting  high quality products 100  % from Galicia, but also collaborating with the development, sostenibility  and conservation of its economy, its region and its culture.